Raised on Ice

by Triple Crossed

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released November 6, 2012

Recorded by Andy Mathison at City Sound Studios
Drums - Billy Mitchell
Guitar - Mike Hansen
Bass - Jason Lee
Vocals - Tyler Barrett



all rights reserved


Triple Crossed Minneapolis, Minnesota

Twin Cities hardcore punk.

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Track Name: Raised on Ice
From the first few frozen breaths...
Beginning seconds to the last
The cold can't keep us from our common goal
Collective weight stays spread...
The ice won't crack

Raised on Ice

For those that chose
Or it chose us
We keep this life
We're raised on ice
Track Name: Vice Grip
Pulled in to remit like the enemy's tricks
These demons, they make me sick
Pulled down like a rope to the feet
To the other side tied to a concrete brick

Vice, you're stuck in a...
Vice Grip

As the screw turns right
The harder it is to loose
And to give up on the fight
Is like tying your noose
So push it out, struggle on, free yourself at last
The grass is always greener
When relinquishing the past

Loosen from the grip
And regain your life
You can absolve
Be free from the vice
And from the grip
You'll regain your life
You can absolve
Be free from the vice
Track Name: Bloodgusher
Call it callous? I call it violence
A witness speechless
A public silence
The killing's ceaseless
Consumers sightless
It might not change
But we gotta fight this

'Cause we cannot maintain
This habit, addiction
To suffering and pain
To taste their fate
We all should be ashamed
And we're victims just the same

Of the cancer that it causes
Clogging colons, guts and arteries
The waste of grain that could instead
Be fed to those in poverty
The untold degradation of the land in which we live

We take but we don't give
Track Name: Pure Pressure
Quit like the cigarette that never lit
The constant crushing recommit
A forty-hour future
Dying dreams with dreams of death
The drought of dopamine inside
The threat of coming cognicide
A serenading breakdown
Whispered reprise:

We fall on cue

Straight lines, sane minds
Give a little by design
Save the standard torchbearer Puritan propaganda

We fall on cue
Track Name: Life Before Death
You wouldn't believe
The close calls that I've seen
Like getting cut off doing 60 at 15
Or gaining speed
With no control or heed
The wheels wobbled beneath my feet

And I hit the ground...
It couldn't slow me down

Life before death
The chance outweighs the risk
Life before death
The shot is worth the miss
You wanna know the motto that's our M.O.?
Well here's how it goes:

Not afraid to die
And not afraid to live

You wouldn't believe
The close calls that I've seen
You wouldn't believe

That I'm not afraid to die
and not afraid to live